Engaging from farms to consumers to Co-Create radical innovation that driveS transformation in the Agro Food Sector


How do we bridge the gap between farmers and citizens to achieve a more resilient and sustainable Swiss agro-food & nutrition system?

We have between 2024-2027 to solve the challenges related to this problem. During this period, the Innovation Booster Future Food Farming powered by Innosuisse can support you in co-creating radical solutions, fostering collaboration through open innovation.


Our events are the starting points to tackle problems at the roots and develop new solutions together.
Immerse yourself into the challenges, meet perfect matches for co-creation and generate ideas. 


Designing futureable Agro-Food-System

We understand wicked problems and "jobs to be done" by resources, products, producers, retailers, customers and consumers.

Mitigating risks of radical innovation

Delivering on function, emotional, and social needs through citizens and farmers participation.

Joining forces within the ecosystem

Co-Creation with a multistakeholder approach and a dynamic stakeholders' mapping

Challenging Ideas

Understand the challenges and generate ideas that have radical impact on the ecosystem.

Ideating Projects

Incubate and test your idea with the support of experts and actors from within the system and beyond.

Funding Projects

Receive fast and easy funding of up to CHF 39'000 to test and pilot your radical idea.

Join us

become a part of the future of food farming

Take part in our events and don’t miss the chance to get involved in the community and receive support for a transformative project.


Our support group serves as a dynamic hub where diverse ecosystem actors converge to cultivate innovation through radical ideas. By providing easy access to a range of expertise, innovation teams gain valuable insights, navigate challenges more confidently, and mitigate risks effectively.


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