Engaging from farms to consumers to Co-Create radical innovation that driveS transformation in the Agro Food Sector


How do we bridge the gap between farmers and citizens to achieve a more resilient and sustainable Swiss agro-food & nutrition system?

We have between 2024-2027 to solve the challenges related to this problem. During this period, the Innovation Booster Future Food Farming powered by Innosuisse can support you in co-creating radical solutions, fostering collaboration through open innovation.


Shift Vaud

Friday 22 March 2024

A day dedicated to innovation and commitment for the entire food ecosystem.

Join us to collectively rethink our relationship with our soil and what it produces. Don’t miss the Open Exploration workshop, in collaboration with Innovation Boosters Living Labs for Decarbonisation and Sport & Physical Activity

Participants will have the opportunity to apply for funding of up to CHF 39,000.

This event will be held in French. 

Future Food P-Act

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Join us on a visionary journey into the world of agricultural and food ecosystems, connecting the present with the future to tackle challenges together.

Our Innovation Boosters invite you to connect and collectively develop transformative solutions. From agricultural players to citizens, all are welcome to contribute to creating a diverse, resilient and sustainable food future.

At the heart of the Future Food P-Act initiative: building bridges between the present and the future, between different players and between challenges, ideas and actions.

This event will be held in German. 


Monday 22 April 2024

In collaboration with Markthalle Basel and Lebensmittel Netwerk Basel and with stakeholders from agriculture to citizens, we explore The hurdles hindering us from supplying more locally.

Open to everyone this workshop encourages you to explore ideas and get project funding of up to 39,000 CHF.

Together, we aim to identify barriers to local production, bringing together representatives from various sectors, from agriculture to the food industry, gastronomy, and retail, to create a diverse, resilient, and sustainable Suisse Agro Food and Nutrition System.

This workshop will be held in German with possibilities of English and French working groups.

OPEN exploration workshop Grangeneuve

Thursday 25 April 2024

This event is organized in collaboration with Star’Terre.
Together, we’ll explore The hurdles hindering us from supplying more locally.

This workshop is open to all, and offers the chance to generate radical ideas and access project funding of up to CHF 39,000.

This event aims to identify the barriers to local production, bringing together representatives from different sectors – from agriculture to the food industry, gastronomy and retail – to create a diverse, resilient and sustainable Swiss food and nutrition system.

This workshop will be held in French.

planting the seeds

Within the Innovation Booster Swiss Food Ecosystems 2021-2024, the Suisse Agro Food Leading House has already supported many innovation teams and a total of projects with a total funding of CHF 600’000!

Ideas have been submitted since 2021


Designing futureable Agro-Food-System

We understand wicked problems and "jobs to be done" by resources, products, producers, retailers, customers and consumers.

Mitigating risks of radical innovation

Delivering on function, emotional, and social needs through citizens and farmers participation.

Joining forces within the ecosystem

Co-Creation with a multistakeholder approach and a dynamic stakeholders' mapping

Challenging Ideas

Understand the challenges and generate ideas that have radical impact on the ecosystem.

Ideating Projects

Incubate and test your idea with the support of experts and actors from within the system and beyond.

Funding Projects

Receive fast and easy funding of up to CHF 39'000 to test and pilot your radical idea.

Join us

become a part of the future of food farming

Soon we will be publishing events and starting the first ideation challenges. Feel free to drop us an email if you want to have further information. 

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